Name Lorenzo SCILLITANI 
SSD IUS/20-Philosophy of Law 
Research Interests  The works and papers published in the last five years demonstrate the attempt to think philosophically the law, linking elements of archaeology of legal culture with aspects which define the current evolution of law. During the activity of research, the similar ethical elements present in law and politics were explored, with particular reference to issues as dialogue, which can be considered from both legal and political perspective. The linguistic dimension of legal experience is analysed in order to present the law as a communication structure capable of establishing and ensuring human sociality. In particular, the research interests have focused in an attempt to use the features of legal experience as a mean to favour a peaceful and cooperative dialogue between civilizations.In summary, the results of my researches contained the thesis according to which law and politics are ways of representation of human condition not comparable to other forms of cultural expression. In this sense, the philosophical anthropology is considered as a privileged path to investigate the legal and political dimension of human experience.


Keywords   Philosophical Anthropology of Law and Politics; Human Rights; Philosophy of Family Law; Philosophy of International Law; Philosophy of Geography; Philosophy of Geopolitics 
Public Engagement Activities of scientific dissemination; member of the “Società Italiana di Filosofia del diritto”; organization of cultural events, management of museums and archaeological sites, organization of conferences: 30 events can be documented.