Name Roberto PARISI




ICAR/18 – History of Architecture



Research Interests


Main research lines:

1) Industrial architecture and historical landscape of infrastructures in Italy.

This research line focuses on the study of proto-industrial and industrial architecture in Europe, the dynamics of the impact of industrialization processes on the urban and rural landscape; the critical analysis of the practices of valorisation of the industrial heritage in the Modern and Contemporary Age.

2) Urban history and urban iconography.

The research line is aimed at the historical study of urban planning and urban transformation processes in Central and Southern Italy in the Modern and Contemporary Age. Since 2006, it is part of the collaborative activities between University of Molise and the “Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sull’Iconografia della Città Europea” of the University of Naples “Federico II”.

3) Transhumance, sheep tracks and ancient architecture in the Modern and Contemporary Age.

This recent research line aims to investigate the Transhumance practices through its physical remains, with particular attention to transformation dynamics of ancient architecture in the Modern and Contemporary Age, to the relationship between sheep tracks and landscape, to the history of cartography.




History of Architecture, Urban History, urban iconography, industrial architecture, industrial heritage.


Public Engagement


Scientific responsibility of Traineeship and Public exposition on cultural and local heritage.