Name Salvatore MONDA 
SSD L-FIL-LET/04 (Latin language and literature) 
Research Interests  Salvatore Monda’s main field of research is the ancient theatre. In particular, he dedicated himself to the study of the Roman Republican comedy: he already wrote about Plautus, of which he edited the Vidularia et deperditarum fabularum fragmenta (Sarsinae et Urbini, QuattroVenti, 2004), and he also contributed to the study in the indirect tradition of Terence, in Caecilius Statius’ fragmentary plays, in the so-called Atellan farce, and in the Greek drama from the Fourth Century BC. At present Salvatore Monda is involved in a critical edition, with translation and commentary, of the Comicorum Romanorum fragmenta, and he has even in preparation a new critical edition of the fragments of the fabula Atellana (on which he published some preliminary studies). But his research interests focus also on other subjects and texts: the carmina Latina epigraphica, Virgil’s Aeneid, the ancient geographical treatises, the Greek and Latin enigmas and riddles (on which latter he edited the volume Ainigma e griphos. Gli antichi e l’oscurità della parola, Pisa, ETS Edizioni, 2012). Moreover, he contributed to an handbook of Latin literature for use in high school: Ingenium et ars, 3. L’età imperiale, ed. by Luca Canali, Milano, Einaudi Scuola, 2014. Salvatore Monda has also cultivated a particular interest in the Medieval and Humanistic Latin Literature. 
Keywords  Plautus, Terence, Virgil, Enigmas and Riddles, Atellan Farce, Fragments. 
Public Engagement