Name Flavia MONCERI 
SSD SPS/01-Political philosophy 
Research Interests Theoretical elaboration of political models adequate to contemporary transcultural complex societies, with special attention to the relevance of diversity and differences.
Keywords Political  philosophy; Philosophy of the social sciences; Social philosophy; Ethics and moral philosophy; Theory and practice of intercultural communication; Inter- and Transcultural philosophy; Inter- and transcultural studies; Queer and Transgender theories and studies; Gender Studies; Disability Studies; Film philosophy; Philosophical analysis of cultural products; Philosophy of Music and the Arts; Complexity and systems theories; Creativity and innovation; Globalization theories and studies; East Asian cultures, philosophies  and institutions (esp. Japan); East Asian religions (esp. Zen Buddhism, Shintō, and Taoism); Anarchism and Postanarchism.
Public Engagement  
  • Series editor of “Sakura. Filosofie e società nei prodotti culturali” (Edizioni ETS, Pisa)
  • Popular publications
  • Active participations to public events organized by third parties
  • Active participations to counselling and interactional events with high schools.