Name Antonella MINELLI 
SSD 05/B1 Zoology and AnthropologyBIO/08 – Anthropology


Research Interests  Prehistoric Anthropology, Anthropology, Material Culture. 

The research areas of my activities are: Prehistoric Archaeology, Evolutionary Anthropology, Pre-Protohistoric Cultural Material. In the last five years my research interventions have focused on field surveys, such as prehistoric archaeological excavations in Italy and abroad; specifically archaeological researches have been carried out in South America, in Colombia and Paraguay, on the most ancient site of the territories (site of  Checua, Nemocom, Colombia, 3000 B.P.; site of  Karcha Balut, Alto Paraguay, 2000 B.P.), about of the problem of the most ancient population of South America.  In Italy, most of the research activities has been concentrated on the research and development of the palaeolithic site of Isernia La Pineta and the Museo Paleo.IS; in the last years until today the archaeological excavations are conducted in caves dating from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age, such as Polla Cave (Salerno), Colle Bianco Cave (Guglionesi, Campobasso) and  Pietra Sant’Angelo Cave at San Lorenzo Bellizzi (Cosenza), about of the dynamics of cultural and ritual exploitation of the prehistoric caves.


Keywords  Prehistory, Human Evolution, Culture
Public Engagement Archaeological excavations; Member of the academic spin-off  G.A.I.A. Business System s.r.l.