Name Simone MARCENARO 
Research Interests  My research focuses on the study of medieval Romance poetry as an essential part of Europe’s cultural heritage, with a particular interest on Galician-Portuguese and Occitan troubadour lyric and 13th century Italian poetry. More specifically, I conducted my research on issues of textual criticism, rhetoric, style and codicology. I published extensively on these subjects, writing and editing 8 monographs on medieval Galician-Portuguese poetry, among which five critical editions. I am currently working on a project concerning the publication and study of previously unpublished Anglo-Norman medieval texts. I had published various articles both in international journals (La Corónica, USA; Boletín Galego de Literatura and Revista de Filología Románica, Spain; Revue Critique de Philologie Romane, Switzerland…) and in the proceedings of international conferences and miscellaneous volumes. 
Keywords  Romance Philology, Romance Linguistics, Codicology, Rhetoric, Metric, medieval Lyric, Galician-Portuguese medieval Poetry, Occitan medieval Poetry, Italian medieval Poetry, Anglo-Norman medieval literature. 
Public Engagement