Name Isabella LAZZARINI 
SSD MSTO 01 Medieval History 
Research Interests  My main interest as a historian lies in the nature and workings of power, looking particularly at what might be called political

structures – institutions, practices, ideas, languages – and their influence on individuals and groups. Starting from the institutional and social frameworks of late medieval Italian principalities, my interests have broadened to include early Renaissance diplomacy, public written records, archival memory, and political languages. In the next years my research will include a monograph on the diplomatic language in the Italian political correspondences between fourteenth and early sixteenth century (Le parole della politica. Razionalità, emozione e narratività nei carteggi politici del primo Rinascimento) and a comparative analysis of diplomatic and conflictual interaction in the Renaissance and the contemporary world (Comunicazione e conflitto. Modelli di interazione fra pre- e post-moderno).


Keywords   Renaissance, Italy, political history, political languages and cultures, diplomacy, records
Public Engagement