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Nome, Cognome Mariassunta CUOZZO




Research Interests


Mariassunta Cuozzo has published widely on the issue of “Etruscans in Campania” and on the Etruscan-Samnites site of Pontecagnano. Currently, she is the director of a new investigation project promoted by the University of Molise in the area of the “Archaeological Park” in Pontecagnano (2010-2018).

She has published on early Greek colonization in Campania and on the archaic pottery from Cumae (2006; 2014; 2016).

She has carried on research studies  on Molise between Iron Age and the Samnites (survey, analysis of collections, excavations; Doctorate tutorship).

She has done some of her most significant research and she has published widely on theoretical archaeology (gender, ethnicity, social status, status of woman in the Etruscan society), methods and techniques of archaeological research; in this field she has adopted an interdisciplinary perspective seeking to promote a wider debate between archaeology and other social, scientific, technological disciplines.

She has been a member of the advisory board of the Journal “Archaeological Dialogues” published by Cambridge University Press and is a member of the journal “Mujeres: Ciencia y sociedad”. She is also a member of the “Istituto di Studi Etruschi”.




Etruscans in Campania; Pontecagnano; Iron Age Molise; Archeological Theory (gender, ethnicity, social status; Etruscan woman).


Public Engagement