Name Pier Paolo BELLINI 
Research Interests
  1. a) Characteristics of artistic communication and its intercultural potential: the depth issues concern particularly the use of symbols in creative contexts, in which the connotative processes gradually take the place of those denotative. This generates open and polysemic dynamics of signification. This opening, in turn, is able to offer new possibilities of readings, not strictly linguistic, pre- and therefore inter-cultural. b) Educational and training processes aimed at the development of identity and self-realization: they were explored the dynamics of identity construction among young people, through an empirical research aimed to highlight the ways in which they believe they can “find yourself”. Social relationships, work, faith (or trust) have been identified as the main dimensions of such processes.
Keywords   Artistic Communication; Denotation and Connotation; Realization Processes; Identity and Trust.
Public Engagement    Public meetings on national territory aimed at examples of synesthetic paths between different artistic codes, particularly music and poetry.